Communicative Function 1: Greetings   

1.Let’s learn how to …  greeting_01

Greet people you know

1 A: How are you doing?
B: Fine, I am working now.

2 A: What’s up?
B: Not much. What about you?

3 A: What’s going on?
B: Nothing, just working.

4 A: How are things?
B: Very good, thank you.  How’s everything with you?
A: Can’t complain.  What’s new with you?
B: Not much.

2.Let’s practice some useful expressions…

3.Let’s put everything together…

A:  Hello.   
B:  Hi.   
A:  How are you?   
B:  I'm great. How about you?   
A:  Can’t complain!    
B:  What are you doing?
A:  I’m working at the new restaurant now.
B:  Bye.   
A:  Bye.